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Dr. Hill offers psychological, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological assessment. Psychological assessment involves the assessment of cognitive, personality, and emotional functioning. This type of assessment can be helpful in clarifying diagnosis and treatment issues which can assist both your therapist and medical doctor in guiding your treatment to be most beneficial. Pscyhoeducational assessment involves the assessment of cognitive, academic, and emotional issues in order to evaluate for possible learning disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and academic strengths and weaknesses. Psychoeducational testing can assist in obtaining appropriate scholastic accomodations to maximize learning. Neuropsychological assessment involves the assessment of a variety of cognitive functions including attention, memory, spatial awareness, language, and problem solving. Neuropsychological assessment is used to determine fitness for duty, disability, and the capacity to live independently. Dr. Hill performs neuropsychological and psychological evaluations for professional and private pilots who seek special issuance medical certifications for the FAA HIMS program. She is familiar with the processes required by this program and has the tests required for the special issuance certification typically requested by the FAA medical examiner including CogScreen Aeromedical Edition. 


Dr. Hill offers individual psychotherapy for adults and young adults. She practices from an interpersonal perspective, utilizing other psychological theories as appropriate to her clients. Dr. Hill works with individuals working on relationship issues and life transitions. She has experience with personality disorders, depressive disorders (including bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders, and psychotic disorders. 

It is important that you feel comfortable with your psychotherapist. During your first visit, Dr. Hill will conduct a diagnostic interview to evaluate your needs and discuss options for treatment. At the time of this visit, please feel free to express your concerns to Dr. Hill and decide whether the two of you can work together to address your problems. In the event that you decide to work with someone else, Dr. Hill will be happy to make referrals to other professionals who may better fit your needs.

Sessions generally last 50 minutes although your first session may last slightly longer. This time is reserved for you.

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